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We find it hard to stray far from the peace of Le Moulin. However, for the active a quick visit to the Tourist Information Office at St. Lo, in the Grand Place, will confirm that the possibilities for play are almost endless. Do remember that in addition to all the activities suggested below, there are many seasonal festivals, exhibitions, concerts, etc., details of which can be obtained from the T.I. office or the local press.


Normandy offers mile upon mile of splendid beaches on both the Atlantic and Channel coasts. There are resorts great and small from Deauville to Granville and, with a little map reading, you will easily find secluded beaches far from the madding crowd.

Many people of course choose to explore the D-Day landing beaches starting from Ouisterham and driving west to Utah Beach and of course vice versa. Either way the trip is full of interest with some spectacular coastal scenery.  


An ideal way of exploring the local lanes and countryside, including perhaps a tour of the Gorges du Vire. Far and away the best way to hire a bicycle cheaply is to enquire at “Guerin” whose shop is on the corner of the road leading from the High Street at Tessy to Pont Farcy (almost opposite the bank). Telephone 02 33 56 21 14.


Canoes and kayaks can also be hired from A.S.E.V. at Conde sur Vire, who will provide transport to enable you to make a straight run down the river back to your car – no paddling up-stream!


Riding can be obtained close to hand by contacting Philippe Gosselin or Charlene Herbert in Fervaches on 0233 55 50 24, mobile 0671969052. In addition to riding they also give lessons or rides with a pony and trap.

There are other riding schools in the area including one at Gouvet.


The surrounding countryside is full of unspoiled and little-used green lanes to be explored and large scale maps are provided to assist you. An easy start is to walk down to Chapelle sur Vire using the Chemin de Halage, which continues to the coast near Carentan and follows the river the whole way except for short sections.


We don’t play so no advice I’m afraid. However, there are several reputedly excellent courses within easy driving distance and we have received particularly good reports about the Omaha Beach golf course near Port-en-Besin.

Omaha Beach Golf Club is very picturesque and features 3 separate nine-hole courses, Mer, Bocage and Egan. They are different in character and all very challenging even for low handicap golfers. Very tricky too, even with a strokesaver the yardages are in metres!

It is an hour’s drive away and easily found on top of the cliffs overlooking Port-en-Besin; despite its name, none of the three courses are links courses. It is possible to show up and play, even on Sunday mornings, and 27 holes with a two course lunch costs 300 francs – a smashing day’s golf in perfect conditions.


The nearest courts are at Tessy, Troisgots and Pont Farcy – but there are courts to be found in all the local towns and most of the villages. Generally there is a notice by the courts giving the location of the key. The courts appear well-maintained, but Wimbledon’s supremacy is not in danger.

Bungy Jumping:

For those tired of life, and who wish to leap from a viaduct with only an elastic band to challenge gravity – even this is available at the Viaduct de la Soueure (near Vire) 31 67 37 38. (Not recommended for those with cardiac conditions).


Fishing is literally on your doorstep, although a permit is required from Madame Thomas in the cafe/bar/shop in Fervaches. The price is very reasonable and is a holiday permit.


We swim in the river (summer only) and of course there is the sea. Should you prefer a heated pool, there is one at St. Lo (see the St. Lo brochure).  

Theatre, cinema etc:

There is a new cinema complex and theatre in St Lo.

To request a booking or check availability call 01728 621121

Le Moulin de Fervaches, Fervaches, Tessy Bocage, Manche, Normandy, France